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Founded in 2018 by Brooke Lowry, Goalie has come a long way from humble beginnings on pen and paper.

In 2016, Brooke left her hometown of Auckland, New Zealand, to pursue her career in business and technology in Sydney. She now works full time in the finance/tech industry alongside her side-hustle, Goalie and has a Master of Business in Marketing from the University of Otago.

The idea of Goalie first came to mind for Brooke after seeing some of her friends and family members struggling with their purpose in life. After reflecting on her own achievements and the process of doing so, she designed the Goalie app to enable young people to problem solve and make good decisions on the fly. This gave her the impetus to turn hard work and inspiration into a booming platform and soon-to-be fully-fledged mobile app.

The Goalie team are an ever-evolving passionate bunch of goal-getters based out of Sydney, Australia. We are currently a team of seven who are passionate about helping others become the best version of themselves.

We hope you enjoy the journey to living your best life as much as we enjoy watching you thrive.

The Goalie Team

Meet the team


UX Designer

Sabrina is a former marketer and emerging UX designer. She is leading the customer experience for Goalie and runs her own side hustle making gourmet grazing gifts and flower arrangements
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Sucharu is an app developer at Goalie and also has his own app development company. When asked what makes him different he says, “Most developers don’t have a good sense of humour and a six-pack”
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Tammy is a developer with Goalie. She recently did a stint in San Francisco as part of the Global Innovation Program and is completing a Bachelor of ICT and Data Science at Western Sydney University
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Brooke founded Goalie in 2018. She has a Master of Business in Marketing and has worked on many digital products in the fintech space. She is passionate about entrepreneurship, personal development and leadership
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Data & Business Analyst

Faisal is a data and business analyst at Goalie. He has completed a Master of Information Technology in Business Information Systems and Data Analytics and is passionate about the stories that can be understood from data. He believes that data is more truthful than humans.


Graphic Designer

Rebekah has been a true gem to the Goalie team. She created the #og logo for Goalie and was involved in the initial design phases of the app. Rebekah supports Goalie when it comes to graphic design
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